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I will take the time to understand your individual needs and concerns and use the most up-to-date appropriate therapeutic methods to help you achieve a greater level of wellbeing or assist you in developing the skills to cope with painful or traumatic experiences.

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Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a specialist therapy that helps the brain process traumatic experiences.In 2013 the World Health Organisation recommended EMDR in the treatment oftrauma for adults and children..

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I have experience in the provision of reflective practice and supervision to a wide variety of allied health clinicians. My supervision style draws together several concepts/theories with the aim of helping you to apply these in practical ways.

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Life can be challenging and difficult at any age and stage.

Misfortune or tragedy may occur; people may disappoint us or maybe we just want more from life. Sometimes we don’t quite know what it is that is bothering us.
Despite the knowledge and skills you have acquired throughout your life, right now you may be experiencing distress. You may find that family and friends are unable to help you, or you may be thinking that it is time to speak to someone independent and unbiased.
I pride myself on focussing my counselling practice on the wellbeing of children, adolescent and adults. I provide therapeutic services to meet the needs of my clients, whether facing the normal challenges of life, or healing from painful and traumatic experiences.

Who we are

I am the principal therapist at Synergy Counselling Services.

I pride myself on basing my counselling practice on developing a deep rapport with individuals in order to develop insightfulness, self-awareness and compassion for their complex feelings, emotions and individual stories. This helps those I work with make lasting, positive and healthy changes in their lives.

Our Services

My techniques are sound, and evidence based.

My work is client focused – I ask clients for feedback on the process and what is working.As a trauma therapist I use methods derived from neuroscience, which help us understand how the brain processes information. I work in a holistic way, focusing on thoughts, emotions and sensations.

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